Tesla offers discount for its Autopilot feature

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Tesla drivers can purchase the features for a discounted price of $5,500 at the end of a 30-day trial

Tesla is offering a discount on its Autopilot package as part of a push to get more drivers to use the driver assist features, Elektrek reports.

Last week, the electric automaker increased the price of its Enhanced Autopilot package when purchased after delivery from $6,000 to $7,000 in an effort to persuade buyers to buy the feature right away instead of waiting to order the features after delivery.

Now, the company is extending free 30-day Autopilot trials to its customers. The offer lets Tesla drivers buy the over-the-air upgrade for a discounted price of $5,500 at the end of the trial.

“During your trial, this upgrade is available to purchase at the reduced price of $5,500. One week after your trial ends, the price of Enhanced Autopilot will return to $7,000,” Tesla said on its website.

Pushing programs and services

The company had previously lowered the price of the features to $5,500 for a brief period of time earlier this year before raising it back up to $6,000. Last week, the price was raised to $7,000.

The push to get more drivers using Autopilot through the roll-out of 30-day trials comes as Tesla is launching new features like Navigate on Autopilot.

“Navigate on Autopilot is an active guidance feature for Enhanced Autopilot that, with driver supervision, guides a car from a highway’s on-ramp to off-ramp, including suggesting and making lane changes, navigating highway interchanges, and taking exits,” Tesla said in an announcement about the feature.

“It’s designed to make finding and following the most efficient path to your destination even easier on the highway when Autopilot is in use.”

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