Tesla drops price of hardware required to enroll in Full Self-Driving subscription program

Photo (c) Sjoerd van der Wal - Getty Images

The move follows criticism over the price of an upgrade that would be required for some owners

Tesla has lowered the price of a computer upgrade that is necessary to be able to sign up for a subscription to its new Full Self-Driving plan. 

Earlier this week, the automaker announced the launch of its new $199-per-month subscription plan that gives users access to features like Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Auto Park, Summon and Traffic Light, and Stop Sign Control. Previously, Tesla owners would have had to purchase the Full Self-Driving package for a one-time payment of $10,000.

However, the subscription plan requires version 3.0 of the FSD hardware -- a computer upgrade that has been standard in Tesla vehicles since mid-2019. Those without the hardware expressed outrage that they would have to pay $1,500 for it, despite having been previously told that “no further hardware upgrades would be required” for full self-driving capabilities. 

In response to that criticism, Tesla has reduced the price of the computer upgrade required for the FSD feature. Elektrek reported that the hardware HW 3.0 update will now cost $1,000 rather than $1,500 -- a 33% drop in price. 

Owners who want the $1,000 hardware update can take their vehicle to an authorized Tesla service center to get it. After it’s installed, users can sign up for one of two FSD monthly subscriptions: Basic Autopilot to FSD for $199 a month or Enhanced Autopilot to FSD for $99 a month. The appropriate option will depend on the vehicle’s current Autopilot capability. 

Tesla said owners can subscribe by opening the “Upgrades” menu in their Tesla app or by signing in to their Tesla Account. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. 

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