PhotoLet's face it -- most people hate telemarketers. But few of us really know how to deal effectively with them. Then there's Roger Anderson, the telecommunications engineer behind the Jolly Roger Telephone Co. 

Anderson has devised an answering machine that's intended to waste telemarketers' time, stringing them along with friendly but noncommital answers that he hopes will eventually cause the call center business to collapse.

Sound unlikely? Maybe so, but Anderson's trusty little bot has been doing a pretty good job so far. Listen (warning -- crude language from the telemarketer):

The concept is quite simple, but Anderson says it's devilishly effective. His bot sounds friendly but most telemarketers become so frustrated with it that they end up terminating the call.

Anderson thinks he's onto something that could bring the telemarketing industry to a grinding halt, thereby removing one of the greatest irritations of modern life, and the route by which scam artists and identity thieves penetrate our lives.

Anderson currently has only one personality for his bot -- a friendly but rather odd and vague man who says he was napping when the phone rang. He has launched a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter in hopes of raising enough money to develop more personalities and make his bot as ubiquitous as, well, the telephone.

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