Taco Bell turns up the heat with another Nacho Fries hot sauce partner

Photo (c) River North Photography - Getty Images

The sauce can be hot, but not enough to make you run for cover

Taco Bell is bringing back its Nacho Fries for an unprecedented ninth time and this time around, it’s turning up the heat even further.

For the next two weeks, the chain will have its regular recipe of Nacho Fries, but it’s also offering a new version featuring Austin, Texas-based Yellowbird Hot Sauce’s Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce. 

This new culinary collusion might signal what Taco Bell lovers should come to expect going forward. Just six months ago, Taco Bell got saucy outside its own kitchen for the first time by collaborating with Truff’s to add its “less sweet, more heat” Hotter Hot Sauce to Nacho Fries for a limited engagement. 

Taco Bell and hot sauce fans can get Yellowbird on the Nacho Fries ($4.99) and add the sauce to any other item on Taco Bell’s menu for a dollar more.

What makes Yellowbird different from other hot sauces?

On the surface, the version of Yellowbird’s sauces certainly sounds inviting: slim-cut french fries, warm nacho cheese, and some steak. According to a press release announcing the addition, the sauce is an interesting mix of both fruity and acidic flavors, too.

And if what Yellowbird makes for Taco Bell is similar to its other hot sauces, it packs some heat. Its mixture may contain carrots, cane sugar and tangerine juice, but some of its sauces’ Scovill ratings (how hot a sauce is) can run pretty high, but nothing that’ll have you running for the milk jug or clearing out your sinuses.

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