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T-Mobile will automatically send users’ data to advertisers unless they opt out

The change will go into effect next month

Photo (c) hillaryfox - Getty Images
T-Mobile has quietly updated its privacy policy to state that it will begin sharing customers’ web and mobile app data with companies for third-party advertising on April 26 unless they opt out. 

The change to the carrier’s privacy policy was made last month, but the Wall Street Journal first reported on the update on Tuesday. Under the new policy, users’ web and device usage will automatically be sent to advertisers who will use that information for ad targeting. 

T-Mobile said the change will also apply to Sprint customers. However, business accounts and children’s lines won’t be affected by the change. 

“We’ve heard many say they prefer more relevant ads so we’re defaulting to this setting,” a T-Mobile spokeswoman told the Journal. 

Opting out 

T-Mobile users can opt out of having their data used for targeted advertising by going into the T-Mobile app, visiting the MORE tab, and then tapping “Advertising & Analytics.” From there, users can toggle off the setting that says “Use my data to make ads more relevant to me.” 

Users can also opt out by visiting MyT‑Mobile.com and selecting “Profile, Privacy and Notifications” under the “My Account” dropdown menu. Under “Advertising & Analytics,” toggle off the option that says “Use my data to make ads more relevant to me.” 

Sprint customers can log in to their Sprint account, visit “My Account Preferences,” and scroll down to “All about my account.” Then, they can select “Manage advertising and analytics preferences” and select the line they want to update. Click the “OFF” radio button to end the use of data to make ads “more relevant” to you. 

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