T-Mobile offering free service for first responders

Photo (c) AlenaPaulus - Getty Images

The carrier wants to help first responders stay connected for free over the next decade

T-Mobile’s new CEO Mike Sievert has announced that the wireless carrier’s offer of free service for first responders is now available. 

Members of state and local public and nonprofit law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies can get ten years of free mobile service through T-Mobile’s “Connecting Heroes” program. 

“We know first responder agencies face tough budget decisions, but they shouldn’t have to decide between critical equipment and wireless services,” T-Mobile said

The carrier has pledged $7.7 billion over the next decade to fund the program for first responders. Those who receive free service will get unlimited talk, text, and 4G / 5G data.

T-Mobile unveiled its plan to offer free service for first responders when it was pushing to receive regulator approval for its merger with Sprint. The carrier has now completed the merger and plans to eliminate Sprint’s brand name by mid-summer. The combined company will operate under the T-Mobile brand name. 

In addition to the Connecting Heroes plan, T-Mobile also plans to offer a $15-per-month Connect wireless plan with unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data now that the merger has been completed. The carrier has also promised free internet for 10 million households to increase internet access among children in the U.S. and help close “the homework gap.”

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