T-Mobile launches plan to provide free internet to 10 million households

Photo (c) Imgorthand - Getty Image

The carrier wants to extend reliable internet access to underserved student households

T-Mobile promised last year that it would provide internet connectivity to 10 million underserved student households if its merger with Sprint was approved. Now, the company has outlined its plan to make good on that promise. 

In an effort to close the “homework gap,” the company has opened up applications for its “Project 10Million” plan. T-Mobile has set aside $10.7 billion for the program, which will go toward providing connectivity to low-income families and students who are part of a national school lunch program. 

“Project 10Million gives eligible households 100GB of data per year and a FREE mobile hotspot for 5 years,” the carrier said on its website. “Plus, participating school districts have the option to apply the value of the free program, up to $500/year per student, towards additional data plans based on your students needs.” 

Increasing access to reliable internet

T-Mobile noted that internet connectivity has become even more crucial as many schools have shifted to online learning. 

“Even before the pandemic, more than 9 million of America’s 56 million school-age kids did not have access to reliable internet and could not complete after-school assignments,” the carrier said in a statement. “Now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented 50 million students are learning remotely. Those without reliable internet connectivity will face an even bigger schoolwork gap as they are unable to participate in any type of online classroom learning.” 

School districts can get more information about Project 10Million or apply for the program here. Once an application is approved, students in the school district can get a free hotspot and 100GB of data over a year, or around 8GB per month. 

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