PhotoEverybody's watching everybody these days, which can be a good thing. Many new cars are equipped with backup cameras and lane-intrusion detectors that warn you if you're about to back over somebody or change into an occupied lane.

But what if someone is creeping up on you from behind?

This isn't a situation most of us encounter very often but police run into every now and then. While working surveillance or simply sitting at the curb watching traffic, cops are sometimes assaulted and even killed by bad guys who sneak up on them from behind.

Intermotive, a company that makes specialized equipment for public safety clients has come up with a solution. It's called Surveillance Mode and it uses the police car's backup camera and sensors to warn officers when someone is creeping up on them from behind.

When it detects a threat, the system raises the car windows, locks the doors and sounds an alarm. For now, it works only on Ford Police Interceptors. It also shows an image in the rearview mirror, allowing officers to keep an eye on what may be happening behind them.

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