PhotoSure antiperspirant is trying to increase sales by alienating males in its customer base — or, as AdWeek put it, “Sure deodorant is now going after the female demographic” and abandoning its former status as a unisex deodorant. 

Beardwood and Company handled the product redesign and put out a graphic showing and explaining some of the newly feminized features. For example: the old Sure had a plain white plastic cap whereas the new Sure’s cap is see-through lilac-colored plastic because, according to a genuine quote lifted straight from the ad literature: “The transparent plastic glows when light hits it, and it becomes a lighthouse on the shelf.”

At least until you actually use it, and white deodorant residue inevitably smears itself visibly along the inside of the transparent cap. Which isn’t really a problem unless you intend your deodorant do double-duty as actual décor, which Beardwood and Company presumably hopes you will, ladies.

In the past, we’ve noticed how companies which offer “feminine” versions of otherwise gender-neutral products tend to charge considerably more for the ladystuff. Perhaps the most notorious recent example is Bic Cristal ballpoints, which cost less than $2 a dozen for gender-neutral “Bic Cristal” pens, compared to over $9 for 16 pastel-colored “Bic Cristal For Her.”

Thus far there’s no mention of whether the new lady-specific Sure will cost more than the old Sure for everybody, but if it does, we advise any woman who wants a lighthouse on her bathroom shelf to stick with a less-expensive brand of deodorant, and use the money you save to buy an actual decorative lighthouse figurine.

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