PhotoNordstrom has a reputation for providing highly personal customer service but Robert Capp says it's the impersonal service in the form of emails that's getting him down.

Capp is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit that accuses Nordstrom of wheedling him for his email address after he made a purchase at a Nordstrom store in Roseville, Calif., then bombarding him with promotional emails.

Capp says the cashier asked him for his email so the store could send him an electronic receipt. He got the receipt all right, but he says he has also been receiving almost-daily emails from Nordstrom and other retailers, leading him to think Nordstrom shared or sold his email address without his permission, according to Courthouse News Service.

Capp also alleges that Nordstrom "utilized the email address he provided to reverse append and obtain other additional personal identification information about him."

Nordstrom moved for dismissal of the case, saying an email address is not personal identification information under California's Credit Card Act. But U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. found last week that there has been no published case deciding whether an email address constitutes personal identification information and allowed the case to proceed.


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