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Holiday shoppers are relying on online reviews to a greater extent than ever before, a new study finds. Research from Influence Central finds 85% of women consumers say they consider these e-commerce reviews extremel or very important when making a purchase.

The research also found more than 90% of consumers saying that an online review is more important than input from a salesperson. Moreover, after reading an online review and deciding to make a purchase, nearly 80% of consumers buy the product online.

Additional findings:

  • 88% of consumers consider online reviews very influential when purchasing a new product from a brand with which they’re not familiar.
  • Even when purchasing a new product from a brand they already know, 67% of women consumers still consider online reviews very influential.
  • The top online site for checking reviews? Amazon, on which 90% of consumers consider online reviews determinative.
  • For the 43% of consumers who check online reviews for items they’ve purchased before, they do so to see if others have had a similar experience and also to see if there is a better product option.
  • Moreover, consumers consider themselves savvy discerners of reviews, with 97% saying they can tell almost all of the time the credibility of a posted review.
  • 3 key determinates of trust for an online review: how much the person sounds like me, amount of detail in the review, and noted as a verified purchaser.

Amazon, which has increasingly come to dominate niches ranging from books to bookends, also emerges as a giant in online reviews. The study found 48% of consumers consider reviews on Amazon to be extremely important, followed by another 42% who consider them to be very important. In addition, more than 80% of consumers consider the reviews on Amazon to be extremely or very credible.

Rather than go to a specific retail store site for online product reviews, 68% of consumers go to Amazon instead. Similarly, 68% reported that they trusted product reviews on Amazon more that product reviews on a retail store site, such as or

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