Starbucks & Chase release new prepaid card for collecting coffee points

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Coffee drinkers have a new way to rack up Starbucks rewards points

On Monday, Chase and Starbucks announced a brand new prepaid Visa debit card -- the first prepaid or debit product that allows customers to collect “Stars” outside of Starbucks. Customers who have the card can link it to their Starbucks loyalty account and redeem the Stars they’ve earned at Starbucks retailers.

Starbucks is touting the new card as the first -- and only -- prepaid card that lets consumers earn Stars with any purchase, whether inside or outside of Starbucks. Chase customers can use the debit card at any retailer that accepts Visa, both in stores and online.

“We want to offer Starbucks customers a flexible card that delivers more Star-earning potential in the fastest way possible,” said Jennifer Roberts, head of Digital Products for Chase.

Customer benefits

The new card offers many new customer benefits that Starbucks lovers won’t want to miss out on. For starters, once enrolling, customers will automatically be promoted to Gold Status in Starbucks’ rewards program. This allows customers to redeem a free drink or food item each time they reach 125 stars.

Additionally, upon enrollment, customers will receive 125 bonus stars once they use their Visa card to load $10 to their registered Starbucks card. From then on, they will receive one star for every $10 spent with the card. Other perks include birthday rewards, the ability to order ahead, and free refills in stores. Also, Gold Star status allows customers to earn double stars on select days each month.

“This reloadable Visa Prepaid card is a unique and modern option that gives customers one more way to earn more stars and rewards through everyday spend, in a way they haven’t been able to before,” said Matt Ryan, chief marketing officer for Starbucks. “As we continue to expand and strengthen our digital relationship with customers, we want to make sure we’re providing choices that are both rewarding and meet their preferences in how they engage with us.”

Another card from Starbucks

This new Visa prepaid card comes after the coffee chain announced a partnership with Chase -- and a different credit card -- earlier this year.

This past February, Starbucks and Chase launched a Visa credit card that can be integrated into Starbucks’ rewards program. While the card offered customers a number of perks to help them earn rewards at Starbucks locations, it also came with a $49 annual fee.

“The catch is that Stars can only be redeemed at Starbucks, which is far more limiting than rewards cards that offer cash back or travel rewards,” said Kimberly Palmer, NerdWallet’s credit card expert. “The Starbucks card will likely appeal only to the most die-hard Starbucks fans who would get enough value out of their Stars to justify the annual fee.”

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