When it comes to describing our parents or the people that took care of us, it’s often futile to try and come up with the proper words that explain what they’ve done for us and in many cases what they continue to do.

And one thing that a lot of parents have taught many of us is how to be independent and how to do things on our own.

In many cases Mom and Dad gave us that ever-so-needed nudge that finally got us out of the nest and off the cliff, so we could test our own flying capabilities and see just how far we could go.

But fast forward to the present, when you’ve tested those wings over and over and found out they’re pretty darn good thanks to your parents, and now that same independence they taught you growing up is harder for them to maintain for themselves, especially since they’ve gotten much older and find it harder to do some of the things they used to.

Of course, in some cases a senior person living alone just isn’t the right course of action, and in other instances it’s completely safe, especially with the help of certain gadgets.

Fortunately, there's a countless amount of those gadgets out there, both electronic and non-electronic, that can make it easier for older adults to do those everyday things they more than likely want to keep doing without any help.

Med Reminder

PhotoOne product to help seniors keep living independently comes in the way of a digital watch.

The Med Reminder Watch, priced at $79.95 on the retail site First Street, has up to eight alarms that ring each time a prescription is supposed to be taken. In addition to the alarms, the face of the watch will show a message that the user can customize.

These days, there are a lot of electronic pill cases on the market, but the good thing about using a watch as a reminder is that it stays with you wherever you go, so you can be alerted no matter what time of day it is. 

Also, using a watch is oftentimes less expensive than getting an electronic pill case.

The makers of the watch say it's easy to program and doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how and also comes with vibrating alarms for those who may have hearing problems.

Exercise peddler

PhotoThen there’s the Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler, which is useful for seniors looking to stay in shape and keep active, since it’s designed to be low-impact and safe on one’s knees and joints.

The bottom of the peddler is made of a special rubber material that the company says is anti-slip to prevent the machine from sliding and the user being injured. There’s no assembly required, so it pretty much just has to be unpacked, unfolded and then you’re ready to go.

The amount of resistance on the device can be adjusted like traditional exercise bikes, but what’s different with this peddler and others like it, is its light weight since it’s only a frame and not a full bicycle with handlebars or wheels.

The exercise machine can be purchased at several popular retail outlets like Target and Walmart for under $30, which is a pretty good buy considering the peddler serves almost the same purpose as the more expensive exercise bikes.

Dignity mug

PhotoAnd the least expensive among these products, but still very useful is the Granny Jo Dignity Mug, that sells for about $7 on Amazon.

What I love about this mug is its two handles on either side, which makes picking up a heavy and hot cup of coffee or tea much easier, especially for those seniors who may not be strong enough or have a powerful enough grip to hold it. The Granny Jo is also great for people who suffer from constant tremors.   

In addition, the mug allows those who merely want a nice hot drink, but can’t do so, a chance to have more control of the mug overall and prevent dangerous spills that can cause bad burns.

So all and all, there are a lot of nifty tools on the market to help seniors remain independent, and the items mentioned here are just scratching the tip of the retail iceberg.

But yet and still, it’s nice to know that many companies continue to be innovative when it comes to designing products that assist our beloved parents, because we want them to enjoy their lives as much as possible.

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