PhotoA telemarketer who hounded consumers about solar panels faces a federal lawsuit that alleges his companies made more than one million illegal phone calls to consumers who were on the Do Not Call registry.

The companies -- KFJ Marketing, Sunlight Solar Leads LLC, Go Green Education and their owner, Francisco Salvat -- allegedly delivered pre-recorded "robocall" warning of a bogus 14 percent increase in their energy bill.

Consumers who asked for more information were connected with a telemarketer who tried to sign them up for an appointment with a solar panel installation company. Consumers who asked that their names be removed were ignored, the suit alleges.

The complaint alleges that the defendants violated federal law by placing 1.3 million calls to phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry and by failing to transmit accurate caller ID information.   

“Mr. Salvat’s companies ignored the Do Not Call Registry and made illegal robocalls,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Breaking the law isn’t a great way for a company to introduce itself to potential customers.”

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