PhotoDrones are supposed to stay away from airports, crime and disaster scenes, and other areas where they might endanger other aircraft, but commercial pilots have reported drones flying dangerously close to their airliners and California fire-fighting crews have on several occasions had to ground their helicopters and slurry tankers because of news media drones.

Flying to the rescue is a start-up company called SkySafe, which has developed a device that uses radio signals to bring rogue drones to the ground safely when they're flying in areas where they shouldn't be.

Unlike the drones, which are available to anyone with a credit card, SkySafe will initially be sold only to law enforcement, government agencies, and corporations and institutions that are trying to protect vital territory.

SkySafe, founded by former MIT and UC San Diego researchers, recently landed seed financing and needs to raise more money before it begins production. It unveiled its plans today. 

Founder and CEO Grant Jordan said his system can protect a selected area continuously, scanning for signals emitted by drones. It can "whitelist" drones that are permitted in the area while intercepting others and forcing them to land.

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