Sites to help you with the all-female or all-guy vacation package and make getting away with friends a little easier

There’s no doubt that romantic vacations are a wonderful thing.

Getting the chance to travel with your significant other, being in a new place and having the opportunity to experience new things together can add a bit of variety to a relationship, and it also allows couples to add more chapters to the story of their union together.

But let’s face it, although being able to watch the sun set on a seaside cliff on a vacation with your mate is wonderful, as individuals we still might need a little time away from our partners on occasion, as a sometimes brief separation can strengthen a relationship just as much as a trip together.

And to get that quick separation, you can either travel by yourself or you can travel with a group of friends.

It seems over the last few years, the idea of taking trips in same-sex groups has become popular among consumers, travel agencies and travel sites. Also in recent years, new terms like “mancations” have been birthed and used to describe the concept of guys going on a trip together without their girlfriends or wives.

And although there isn’t a snazzy name like mancation to describe an all-female excursion, some would say the concept of women grabbing their girlfriends and heading for the airport is even more common than men doing so.

Just to be straight about it, these sites don't cater to gay travel, as far as we could tell. If that's what you have in mind, check out

Girls Gotta Go

To help organize these trips for you and your friends, there are a few sites that have seemed to streamline the process, so you don’t have to search all over the Internet to find the best places to vacation with your buddies.

PhotoFor the ladies, a really helpful website is, which was started by a group of women from management roles at different travel companies. Based on the number of agents on the company’s website, it seems isn’t a big company, and is aiming to provide a more personal brand of service.

This business approach is evident, as the company says  its workers actually travel to the destinations and hotels that they recommend, so they’re able to offer a firsthand review and suggest great places for you and your girlfriends to go.

The site makes it pretty easy to book a girls-only vacation. Consumers can set up trips either digitally or by calling an agent.

Consumers can also go on the website and select where they want to go, as well as choose from places suggested by the staff -- but the cool feature of A Girls Gotta Go is being able to call an individual agent that can set up a vacation package for you.

I mean, any site that’s helpful enough to place the direct phone numbers of its travel reps right on the site and it doesn’t make you call the company blindly for information, is the way all travel sites should work. 

But for those who want to start their travel research digitally, A Girls Gotta Go allows you to choose from different options on the site.

For example, by clicking “Gotta Get Your Dream Vacation” you’re brought to an form that asks you to lists things like where you want to travel, the number of people in your party and what your overall budget is.

Or, by clicking the “Gotta Go Here” link, users are brought to a page that shows photos of popular vacation themes, and lists specific girls getaway packages like the “Grab your Girlfriends and Go” package, which goes to Turks & Caicos, starting at $1,299.

But the company doesn’t only link you up with girl-only vacations, as A Girls Gotta Go also has honeymoon packages, mother and daughter excursions and family trips.


PhotoFor the guys, a cool site to visit is, which is a vacation hub for everything associated with mancations and getting away with your male counterparts.

The site contains destination photos, articles, and a bevy of trip ideas from golfing, fishing, sailing and hunting. ManTripping also lets you know about mancation cruises and gives you reviews of vacation spots, so you know what other travelers had to say about each location. also provides a host of activity ideas that guys can do together like auto racing, history and culture events and extreme vacations.  The site even lets you write your own mancation stories so others will know where to go and what places to stay away from.

And just like, ManTripping doesn’t only provide mancation ideas, as the site also suggests romantic getaways for you and your loved one, for the times you just can’t travel without them. doesn’t do any actual booking for you, as it's more of a resource to begin your travel research, and since there aren’t many sites online that cater solely to the guy’s trip, is a good place to stay informed about what others guys are doing in the area of activities and travel.

A good example of this benefit is the site’s Top 10 list, which lists favorite guy items and vacation places, put together by the people who read and work at the site. will definitely be helpful to the guy who just wants to periodically visit the site for vacation ideas or continually stay in the know inside the world of men’s vacation packages and men’s interests.

Look, whether you choose to get away alone, with your significant other or with your best friends, the important thing is to eventually get away, and with and, it should be easier to do that.

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