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Let's face it -- there is nothing worse than fish breath and, well, your cat probably has it. 

You can eliminate it -- or at least reduce it -- with regular brushing. If you take things slowly at the beginning and give lots of praise, you and your cat will start looking forward to your brushing sessions. Your cat will soon have a Cheshire grin.

Here is how to do it.

You have to get your cat used to having you put things in its mouth. You get to be the tuna in this one. Dip your finger in tuna or chicken broth or any other liquid your cat might like. Then do the "here kitty kitty" call or however you sound when you have a treat.

Let your cat lick it off your finger, and oh, you might want to wear an apron or something in case it drips on you. It's probably not a good smell to be walking around with.

Get some gauze you can put around your finger. Do the tuna dip again and gently rub it all over the cat's teeth. Do this with a circular motion. Keep a positive attitude with lots of praise and keep doing it until your little tiger is comfortable having it done. Then you can add the toothbrush or dental sponge. Let your cat lick the toothbrush so it gets used to the texture and it becomes fun.

Not Crest

Next we are going to add the toothpaste. It's not Crest so don't go rummaging through your house for an old tube. Pet toothpaste is made out of chicken or malt or some other flavor cats like. Again we have to repeat and rinse with putting a little on your finger so you cat gets used to the taste and texture.

Once you can tell they like it, it's time to add the ingredients together. Lots of praise telling your cat how wonderful they are and how happy you are. keep it positive and start brushing a few at a time until you are able to do more. always end on a positive note.

No need to floss -- all the yarn and hair balls get in the middle of the teeth so your brushing should be quite enough and your cat will look puuuurfect and have a healthy smile.

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