PhotoScion is dead. Long live Scion. In other words, Toyota is killing Scion but will keep making Scion cars. It will just call them Toyotas.

Is this sort of like Volkswagen bragging that its Tiguan sales set a record in January when it struggled to sell anything but Tiguans, which don't come with a diesel option in the U.S.?

It may not be the same, but it is certainly similar. Toyota says it's killing the Scion brand because it has done its job and is no longer needed. When it rolled out the Scion name in 2002, it was trying to appeal to younger buyers who considered Toyotas dull and unexciting.

The brand sold over 1 million funky little cars in the intervening 13 years and Toyota says it is now plugged into younger buyers so it no longer needs the Scion brand and is putting it out to pasture. You know, sort of like they do with old news reporters who have told all their stories.

Could be, but the fact remains that Scion sales last year totaled 56,000, less than half the brand's peak of 173,000 in 2005, according to Automotive News.  

So as not to prolong the agony, Scion will be put down quickly. The brand will be axed in August and existing Scion models will be magically transformed into Toyotas, sort of like Cinderella at midnight.

Scion dealerships are all located within Toyota dealerships and will continue to sell and service the Toyota-Scions, so as far as consumers are concerned, nothing much will have changed, at least as Toyota tells it.

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