PhotoThe Better Business Bureau reported on Friday that a venerable old scam has made its reappearance on Facebook this week: the “shutdown scam,” where you see what looks like an official-looking Facebook notice, possibly even from Mark Zuckerberg himself, claiming that your Facebook account will be deactivated in a couple of days (May 18 is the specific date mentioned in the BBB's latest warning) and the only way you can save your account is if you “register” it.

So you either click on the offered link, or copy and paste an address into your browser, and you end up on a third-party site answering questions that give the scammers all the information they need to take over your Facebook account.

If you see such a come-on announcement on your Facebook feed, you can report it to legitimate Facebook authorities through their spam-report link here.

That link is only specific to Facebook, but the BBB also offered a piece of advice useful to avoid scams on all websites, not just Facebook: “Don't take the bait. Stay away from promotions of 'exclusive,' 'shocking' or 'sensational' footage. If it sounds too outlandish to be true (um, like a gigantic website shutting down on a week's notice), it is probably a scam. “

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