RVIVE is an app that organizes your health and wellness program

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Programs are modeled around what equipment you have and how you’re feeling

Health and fitness experts have increasingly found that a personalized approach to health and wellness works best, and digital tools now make it easier to take that approach.

RVIVE, a mind and body self-care platform, is being demonstrated this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Company co-founder Wesley Rosner, whose background is in sports medicine, says RVIVE helps people soothe mental and physical stress and promote overall wellness.

“The goal of the platform is to bring together the separated pieces of the things that make someone healthy and have an improved sense of wellbeing,” Rosner told ConsumerAffairs. “We want to take meditation and sleep journeys and put them together with yoga and pilates.”

The app creates the program

People often purchase pieces of exercise equipment, such as foam rollers and heat packs, without a clear plan for using it or understanding how to incorporate it into a regular routine. That’s where the app comes in.

“If I have five minutes, am I going to use all these pieces of equipment or should I incorporate exercise? For the first time, we take all of this self-care equipment that’s on the market and turn it into a program,” Rosner said.

Someone using the app will select all the fitness tools and equipment they have in their possession. Once that information is saved in the app, the platform will make recommendations based on other data that the user provides.

That data includes how much time you have for a session and how much equipment you have access to. Users also describe how they are feeling, which Rosner says is an important element.

“If you report feeling a little more anxious than usual maybe we’ll incorporate some breathing, and we have the ability to tailor that over time based on how you’re feeling,” he said. “Then it Incorporates the pieces of equipment you have to maximize the benefit of that time.”

Tailoring workouts and wellness programs

The app also will ask users if they have pain. If so, it will avoid certain parts of a workout that might make the pain worse. 

“We do all of that on the back end with our smart intelligence to make sure you’re using the equipment the right way,” Rosner said.

The company currently works with corporations to tailor a wellness program for employees. Live sessions are part of the app, so participants can take part in a structured program. The app can be downloaded to iOS phones but for android users, it’s by invitation. But both platforms are readily available for corporate users.

RVIVE is currently offering a 30 day free trial. After that, individual subscribers pay $7 a month.

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