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Report: Walmart appears to be targeting disabled workers with elimination of greeter jobs

The greeter positions will be replaced with jobs that require more physical activity

Photo (c) KenWiedemann - Getty Images
Five Walmart greeters across the country, as well as complaints filed with the EEOC and in a lawsuit, say that Walmart is eliminating greeter jobs in a move that disporopationaly affects its disabled workers.

NPR reports that Walmart is eliminating greeters at 1,000 stores around the country. The stores wll still have front-door greeters, but the new position will require greeters to lift up to 25 pounds, collect carts, climb ladders, and do other tasks “that can be impossible for people with disabilities,” the station reports.

One disabled greeter who worked for Walmart for 12 years said he was abruptly laid off without any severance.

Walmart confirmed to the station that the traditional greeter positions are going away, but it claimed that 80 percent of its disabled workers will be able to find other work within the store. Greeters interviewed by NPR said that they have not been offered any other position at Walmart.

A leaked 2005 memo revealed that Walmart executives at one point considered making physical labor a requirement of all of its jobs in order to keep healthcare costs down.

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