PhotoA report by Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, an advocacy group, rates major retailers on steps they have taken to eliminate toxic chemicals from the products on their shelves.

The retailers earned grades ranging from B for good progress to F for little or no progress at all. The group says the average grade was D+, suggesting a need for improvement by retailers to satisfy consumer demand for safer products.

Walmart, Target, and CVS Health got the highest grades. The group lauded these companies for meaningful progress toward safer products. It gave failing grades to Amazon, Costco, and Albertsons. In fact, it said Amazon received the lowest grade of any of the 11 retailers surveyed.

How they rank

Here's the ranking, along with the letter grade and number of points out of a possible 130:

  1. Walmart Stores (Walmart and Sam’s Club): B (78.5 points)
  2. Target: B (76.5)
  3. CVS Health: C (53)
  4. Best Buy: C- (41)
  5. The Home Depot: D+ (35.5)
  6. Lowe’s: D (29.5)
  7. Walgreens: D (29.5)
  8. Kroger: D- (15.5)
  9. Albertsons: F (12.5)
  10. Costco: F (9.5)
  11. Amazon: F (7.5)

Using their clout

The report's authors are hoping retailers will use their clout to send stronger signals up the supply chain that products like shampoo, lotions, cleaners, clothing, shoes, or home electronics should contain fewer – or no – toxic chemicals.

The Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition identifies itself as an advocacy group for people with learning and developmental disabilities, reproductive health advocates, environmentalists, and businesses from across the U.S.

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