PhotoFor dogs, getting trim and healthy isn’t accomplished by joining the gym or wearing a FitBit; their health is solely in our hands. And what’s often in our hands is too much dog food en route to Fido’s food bowl.

As we reported, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 53% of dogs and 58% of cats in the U.S. are overweight. Shockingly, 90% of pet owners don’t even realize their companions are tipping the scales  and consequently, they aren’t doing anything about it.

With doggy diets so important to their overall health, it’s important to make sure they’re not overindulging at meal time. But calculating the correct amount of kibble can be tricky, especially when they’re being looked after by a petsitter or dog boarding facility.

Enter, ProBowl: the first smart food and water bowl for dogs.

Weighs and measures food

ProBowl connects to a home’s Wi-Fi network and provides real-time alerts on a dog’s eating and drinking habits. It weighs and measures the amount of food and water consumed, so users can dish out a meal perfectly tailored to their dog’s caloric needs. When the correct amount is poured, the bowl’s glowing "Say When" light will click on.

During every stage of life  from growing puppy to mellow senior  ProBowl’s feeding algorithm can help ensure pet parents are feeding their pooch just the right amount. According to Dr. Ernie Ward, internationally recognized veterinarian, ProBowl can play a big role in maintaining a dog’s health throughout his life.

"Basing feeding and drinking guidelines on the latest scientific research is critical to providing the best care for our pets," said Dr. Ward. "Feeding your pet the right amount of food as their needs change from puppy to senior can help them live healthier, happier and longer lives."

Companion app

With ProBowl’s companion smart app, even the most overprotective pet parents can rest assured that their pooch is taken care of — even when they're away from home. 

Thanks to the app’s real-time status updates, nagging questions such as, “Did I remember to refill the water bowl before I left for work?” or “Has the petsitter fed the dog yet?” can all be answered. It can also automatically reorder dog food and help monitor activity level.

ProBowl is now available for preorder at $169 per pair. The ObeDog smart app for iOS and Android will be coming soon.

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