Post-holiday deals are in full swing with up to 85% off on items

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Christmas is over but the deals aren't

If you found some extra cash in your stocking, major retailers are lining up with sales to encourage you to spend it. Like it always is, any store that has holiday items on its shelves wants to get rid of them.

DealNews shared research with ConsumerAffairs that holiday decorations and candy are the deals most consumers go for, and this year Kohl’s, Belk, Bloomingdale’s, and Target are leading the way with 70%, 75%, 65%, and 50% off, respectively, on holiday decor.

As for candy, the Krazy Coupon Lady found the perfect answer for those with a sweet tooth – the pound-size Snickers Slice n' Share Giant Candy Bar which was $10 on Amazon, is now just $3.99.

Clothing and more up to 85% off

Banking on 2022 mirroring 2021, DealNews said that about 24% of the deals it saw between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1 were for clothing and accessories of some kind. One of the most popular offers during that time was a sale at Uniqlo.

“It knocked up to 80% off men's clothing, with prices starting at $6 for shirts, $15 for hoodies, and $20 for pants,” DealNews’ Julie Ramhold said.

ConsumerAffairs also found an extra $10 coupon for people who sign up for Uniqlo’s e-blasts and spend $75 or more on their first order.

Ramhold added that the period between Christmas and New Year’s is also a great time to shop at off-price stores like Nordstrom Rack. When ConsumerAffairs checked the retailer’s site, it was offering up to 80% off, mostly on shoes, but all other categories were loaded with 60% off deals.

Other retailers that are in deal mode included:

Tractor Supply – up to 60% off

Crate & Barrel – up to 70% off

Gap Factory – up to 75% off

Home Depot – up to 70% off

Lenovo – up to 85% off

If you can wait until January…

Ramhold’s sales forecast for the first of the year holds great promise for consumers who are shopping in five categories: small appliances, bedding/white goods, fitness equipment, gym memberships and winter clothing.

“Chances are, the discounts are at least partially due to New Year's resolutions around eating healthier or dining more at home, rather than relying on takeout,” Ramhold said.

“Because of that, you can expect to see a variety of small kitchen appliances for $15 each, including panini presses, nonstick electric skillets and electric egg cookers.”

And for those of you who didn't get that big-screen TV you were kvetching about, all's not lost. With the Consumer Electronics Show coming in January, TV manufacturers are eager to unload whatever they can to make room. Last January, Best Buy knocked up to 30% off and Target 25% off on certain TVs. Those retailers are likely to do it again.

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