PhotoThe pizza that Lateasha and her family ordered from Domino's did more than just leave a bad taste in their mouths. But when Lateasha called Domino's to tell them they had a problem, the results were less than satisfying.

It's good that Latesha let us and Domino's know about the problem. The next thing she should do is call the local health department and tell them about it. It would be better yet if she has saved a sample of the offending pizza so it can be tested for pathogens.

It's worth remembering that anytime we order take-out, fast food or even a meal in a tablecloth restaurant that we're relying on the restaurant employees to follow safe food handling procedures.

A mild case of food poisoning is bad enough but there are plenty of other food-borne disease that are even worse, including salmonella and hepatitis.

Consumers should always report any suspected case of food poisoning to their local health department. 

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