PhotoConsumers may be expected to spend less this Valentine’s Day, but pets are unlikely to notice any change in the amount of affection they receive. In fact, the furriest members of the household are poised to get more love than some family members this Valentine’s Day.

A new survey by pet camera maker Petcube finds that 54% of pet owners plan to buy their pets a special Valentine’s Day gift. What’s more, 84% of pet owners said they show more affection to their pet than to their partner.

Findings from Petcube’s first annual Valentine’s Day survey made it clear that pets play a large role in relationships.

Just over three-quarters of respondents (76%) said they find a romantic partner more attractive if they are pet friendly. In some cases, pets can even make or break a relationship; 9% of respondents said they have broken up with a partner over a pet.

How pet owners show love

The survey also looked at how pet parents show love to their favorite fur-babies. Responses from more than 3,500 Petcube users worldwide revealed that 25% of people have taken their pet on a date and 32% have kissed their pet on the lips.

Ninety-one percent of respondents said they regularly tell their pets they love them -- if not in words, then in other ways. The top ways pet owners show their pets love: through petting (96%), playing (96%), and giving them treats (91%).

In regards to sleeping arrangements, it seems many pet owners don’t mind sharing their bed. Co-sleeping is mandatory for the 70% of respondents who let their pet sleep in the bed with them.

Petcube users are also more likely to adopt than shop. The survey found that 76% of users adopted their pets, whether by rescuing them from the shelter or the streets.

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