Peloton launches new fitness game called ‘Lanebreak’

Photo (c) JGI/Tom Grill - Getty Images

The company hopes the rhythm-based game will get users to work out more often

Peloton has launched its first fitness game, describing it as an experience that straddles the line between gaming and exercise. Ultimately, Peloton is hoping the game will incentivize its members to work out more. 

The stationary bike maker said the fitness game is the result of months of design and research, but more feedback is needed. To collect that feedback, it’s started actively testing an early version of the game with its members. 

“Lanebreak is a rhythm-based game on Bike and Bike+ rooted in something core to Peloton’s DNA, music,” Peloton explained in an announcement. “Players are challenged to match and sustain their resistance or cadence according to the cues on the tablet to get the highest score possible, which they can then compare with other Members.” 

“Along the virtual track, riders control their cadence with their leg speed and can ‘switch lanes’ left or right by turning the resistance knob. They face multiple obstacles, all synchronized with the beat of the music,” the company added. 

There are different levels, workout types, and lengths to choose from, and each level is set to a different playlist. Each level has difficulties ranging from beginner to expert. 

Early access mode

Lanebreak is in early access mode, but a full launch is planned for this winter. The company is hoping that tests of the early version will help it glean some insight into “how non-gamers react to and engage with this experience.”

Peloton said it found through early tests that people who previously wouldn’t have used Peloton but were interested in the fitness game concept were more likely to work out. The company said it sees connected fitness as “an opportunity to open up the power of gaming to a new audience” and build off of what works in Peloton classes.

“Just like Alex Toussaint would challenge you to finish the last 30 seconds of a tough interval, games offer a way to not only cue you to do so, but to reward you in real time for your actions,” the company said. 

Peloton isn’t the first company to offer a fitness game. It joins rivals including Zwift, which offers an app with multiplayer cycling and running in a virtual world, and “Supernatural” -- a company that offers VR workouts in “stunning destinations” on Oculus Quest.

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