Peacock the latest to throw a bone to consumers – a year for $19.99

Peacock is offering a streaming deal, but be sure to read the fine print - Image by ConsumerAffairs

Just remember, you don’t get everything Peacock has

Call it being competitive, call it trying to beef up its subscriber base for its Olympics coverage, call it what you want, but for a limited time, you can enjoy a year of NBC's Peacock service for $19.99.

The streaming service is discounting its annual Peacock Premium plan, which usually costs $60 a year and will cost $80 in July when price hikes begin. The deal isn't available to current Peacock subscribers, but if you're eligible, you can get a yearly subscription for just $20. When signing up for Peacock Premium, use the code STREAMTHEDEAL.

The details and the fine print

The “STREAMATHEDEAL” code only lasts until the end of this month (June 30, 2024). If you want to take advantage of the deal, just remember that after the offer ends, the plan auto-renews at the then-current retail price (plus tax) until you cancel. 

You should also understand the content limitations of the deal. NBC Live and downloads aren't included in Peacock's Premium plan, which is ad-supported and supports the Peacock library. If you want “live” NBC feeds and fewer ads, it’ll cost you and you’ll need to sign up for Premium Plus. Premium costs $6 a month and will soon cost $8. 

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