Clean bird, dirty sensor (Photo supplied by consumer)

Just making a good product isn't enough to keep consumers happy. You have to provide outstanding service as well. This seems to be something that has escaped Panasonic's attention.

We've heard from many Panasonic camera owners who have had frustrating warranty and service experiences, leading them to vow they'll never darken Panasonic's door again. Michael of Glendale, Calif., who provided the photo shown above, is one of several who've complained of dark spots appearing in their photos.

"Panasonic customer service is the WORST I think I've ever dealt with. It's unbelievable," he said in a ConsumerAffairs review last August. He'll get no argument from Will, who filed this video review:

What's a consumer to do when a company fails to follow through on its warranty claims? Sadly, there's not much an individual can do in cases like these. There's not enough money involved to justify a lawsuit and in many instances, the consumer isn't in a country where Panasonic has offices.

But the power still lies with the consumer. Posting reviews on sites like this can, over time, compel companies to clean up their act, even if it doesn't provide immediate relief for people like Will.

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