Our 5 favorite websites for math learning, help and fun

We chose 5 great math webpages from the BBC to PBS

Math is something we all use daily, whether we're counting the change on the counter or calculating a tip. With more kids getting homeschooled or having to start distance learning, mathematics may quickly become more complicated than it needs to be. When you or your child needs math help, what should you do? Below are our top picks for help with math from pre-k through college.


Funbrain has mathematical diversions for kids from pre-K up to the 5th grade, but its focus is on younger children. Games include Math Baseball, Cake Monster and Shape Invasion. Funbrain also has games to promote reading and general education. Several books are also available to read through the website.

KS1 Maths from the BBC

This nifty website from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a variety of math-based activities for kids ages 5 - 15. Activities center around numbers, shapes, measurements and data. Kids can also play games like Karate Cats Maths and Bud’s Numbers Garden. The BBC adds new lessons to the site every day, so re-visiting several times a week is worth it.


WolframAlpha is a unique math engine. It relies on an enormous bucket of expert knowledge as well as unique algorithms to do math analysis and generates simple reports. Once again, all you do is enter the program in the search bar, and it offers you the answer. Not only does it give you a solution, but it will show you other things that may interest you. Keep in mind there is a paid version to this website as well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit whose goal is to provide a world-class education to every student for free. Students will learn and practice at their own pace. They create exercises and videos to help you to learn several disciplines, like math science, engineering and arts & humanities.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids has a truly impressive roster of math games, including some that feature beloved PBS characters like Arthur and Elmo. In addition to math games, PBS Kids has games to help children with Spanish and general problem-solving. PBS has a daily newsletter parents can sign up for that has daily activities for their kids to promote continued learning.

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