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Our 5 favorite standing desks for home offices

If you’re tired of working from your couch, a standing desk is a good investment

modern home office
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Many professionals use a standing desk these days to help prevent sore back muscles and other side effects that come with sitting at a traditional desk all day. If you work from home a lot, buying your own standing desk makes sense. Here are our five favorite options for home office standing desks.

1. Stand-up desk converter

If you have a desk you like but want to try a standing desk, a stand-up desk converter is a great option. These accessories are placed on top of your existing desk and function just like a standing desk. Converters may be the simplest and least expensive way to enjoy a standing desk in your home office, and they let you switch between sitting and standing.

sleek adjustable stand up desk
Photo (c) Amazon
  • 36” x 22” desktop
  • Rises from 6.5” to 17”

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2. The simple standing desk

If you’re exploring standing desks but are hesitant to make a large purchase, a simple standing desk is a great solution. Although stylish, the parts and components are generally less expensive, letting you experience a standing desk at an affordable price.

simple standing desk
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Raises in 1" Increments
  • Height from 23" to 32"

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3. Crank-adjustable standing desk

Raising a convertible standing desk may be difficult if it’s weighed down with monitors, laptops and other items. Desks that lift with an electric motor are the simplest to use, but they’re also expensive. Crank-adjustable standing desks are a nice compromise — they’re easy to lift and affordable.

crank adjustable standing desk
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Supports up to 70 pounds
  • Raises to 46”

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4. Electric standing desk

The next step up from a crank-adjustable standing desk is an electric option. These desks have an automatic electric motor that effortlessly lifts the hight from minimum to maximum. They may also have memory functions that remember your preferred heights.

electric standing desk
Photo (c) Amazon
  • 3 programmable heights
  • No tools needed for installation

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5. A standing desk for your decor

You’ve spent a lot of time making your office look exactly how you want, so it’s worth the effort to find a standing desk that fits your aesthetic. Whether your office has a modern, industrial or classic vibe, you can find a standing desk that matches your decor.

modern standing desk
Photo (c) Amazon
  • Modern style
  • 47” x 23.75” x 48”

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computer store
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Getting a standing desk could transform your home office and get you working in a new, productive way. And if you’re looking to upgrade the computer on top of your new desk, check out our favorite computer brands.

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