PhotoHot off the presses in the tech world is Oogababy, an app that lets parents track their child’s development and compare it to national statistics and the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Just like Instagram or Viddy, Oogababy allows you to capture photos and videos of your child and share them on timelines if you choose, but that’s not its main purpose.

When it comes to Facebook, some parents don’t mind posting a lot of photos, but for those who do, Oogababy might be a better fit. The company says it wants to help parents get children’s photos off Facebook and onto a more private and useful site.  You can still set up lists of relatives and friends who have access.

“Our idea has evolved into an awesome product which aims to shift baby-related posts away from Facebook to a channel controlled by parents,” Oogababy, a Norwegian company, says on its website. 

Some parents who have already reviewed the app said it helps them keep track of their child’s development and document certain milestones. And based on your child’s level of growth, Oogababy may be able to predict some of their future achievements, like being able to walk or read.

The app can track the development of your unborn baby too.

Digital baby book

Like many of the other apps that record child development, Oogababy is pretty much a digital baby book that parents can look through and see how far their child has grown both physically and mentally.  

Gunnar Wold

Another cool thing about the app is its user friendliness, which makes it kind of fun to use.

“Oogababy lets parents track and predict growth and development in a simple manner,” said company CEO Gunnar Wold in a press statement.

When it comes to posting your child’s photos on Facebook, you can set controls but it’s easy to get the feeling that anyone can still access those photos anytime they want. With Oogababy, photos stay inside the app unless parents choose to share them.  

Again, the app seems to be more for the parent who has less of a desire to post photos on timelines, and more of a desire to track growth and development for their own sake.

But with that said, Oogababy still links with Facebook and Twitter, for those who want to post more publicly. And in fact, the founders of Oogababy say they’re planning to work with other social media platforms in the future.

Oogababy is free to download. An iPhone version was just released.

Not as cute

PhotoIt may be something new parents should look into. Because seeing and hearing about how little Johnny scored a goal at last Saturday’s soccer game can be cute the first couple of times you hear about it. Scratch that. It’s only cute the first time; after that it can be a bit much.

So who knows, maybe Oogababy could pull some parents away from always putting their kids' photos on Facebook, which wouldn’t hurt, because you never know what creepy folks are lurking behind a keyboard these days.

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