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Newspaper printing presses may have been targeted in cyberattacks

Some subscribers were unable to get their Saturday papers

Photo (c) MicroStockHub - Getty Images
Numerous major newspapers saw print operations disrupted on Saturday due to a suspected foreign cyberattack on their printing presses.

An anonymous source told the Los Angeles Times, one of the papers affected, that there is evidence that the disruption was an intentional hack designed “to disable infrastructure, more specifically servers.”

The source added that it appears to be a “foreign entity” that was behind the attack. The FBI is reportedly investigating.

The attack targeted the Los Angeles Times’ downtown printing press. The Times shares the press with the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Tribune, and the West Coast bureau of the New York Times, all of which also fell victim. Some subscribers were unable to receive their papers on Saturday as a result.  

“A disruption to our print production systems caused delays in the delivery of some of our newspapers Saturday,” says a public statement from the Tribune Publishing Company.

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