New startup touts benefit of matching your diet to your DNA

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Habit believes there's no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition

We’re often told that you are what you eat, but one new startup believes that who you are should determine what you eat. A nutrition tech company called Habit is aiming to change the way we eat by highlighting the importance of personalized nutrition.

Instead of adhering to ever-changing health trends, Habit thinks consumers should be tailoring their diets to their DNA. Those who subscribe to the system can learn what their body needs by taking an at-home test.

Every body is different, and Habit’s home test kit (which looks at your DNA, blood, and 58 other biomarkers) can help you determine what nutrients your unique body craves. After taking the test, the company will send you recommendations and personalized meal-kits that can help you achieve your health goals.

Science-based approach

In a blog post, founder and CEO Neil Grimmer explained that he was inspired to create the service after seeing the benefit of personalized nutrition in his own life.
"Look around you. We are all different shapes, sizes, ages, genders and we all have different lifestyles. It’s just common sense to reject the idea that we all need the same food, in the same amounts, at the same time," said Grimmer, who also co-founded Plum Organics.
"Science now backs up this common sense. Our bodies need different things. Our biology, our DNA, the blood running through our veins tells us that. We just need the tools to tune into our bodies and listen to what foods it’s asking for."
Habit recently received $32 million in funding from Campbell’s soup. Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison told the Philadelphia Business Journal that the investment was part of the company's "broader efforts to define the future of food, which requires fresh thinking, new models of innovation, smart external development and venture investing to create an ecosystem of innovative partners."
Habit will launch first in San Francisco this January but plans to expand to other markets in 2017. Habit's testing kits will cost $299.

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