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New mechanism helps determine if a product is the real deal or a counterfeit

Researchers say the tool is extremely accurate and has verified $14 million worth of goods

Photo via YouTube
Want to know if the product you’re looking at is the real deal or a counterfeit? A new mechanism may allow you to do just that.

Researchers led by Professor Lakshminarayanan Subramanian of New York University have developed a new device called Entrupy that uses machine-learning algorithms to determine if a product is the genuine article. In a presentation on August 14, the team demonstrated how the mechanism looks at the tiniest details of any product and cross-checks them with a catalogue of over 3 million product images to make its judgments.

"The underlying principle of our system stems from the idea that microscopic characteristics in a genuine product or a class of products -- corresponding to the same larger product line -- exhibit inherent similarities that can be used to distinguish these products from their corresponding counterfeit versions," said Subramanian.

$14 million worth of goods verified

Unlike other counterfeit detection methods that can damage the goods they examine, the researchers say that Entrupy is non-invasive and is viable for detecting discrepancies in products such as leather, pills, electronics, toys, and shoes, to name a few. Best of all, reports show that the device is extremely accurate, with Subramanian noting that it has a classification accuracy of more than 98%.

Thus far, the device has received $2.6 million in funding from investors and has authenticated around $14 million worth of goods. To see how it works and get more information, check out the demo video below and visit the company’s website here.

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