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New fish tank claims to keep fish alive without water changes

The Avo uses high-tech lighting and live plants to keep water fresh, oxygenated

The Avo fish tank

If you have ever owned a tropical fish tank you would most likely agree cleaning the tank has to be one of the worst jobs ever. Just thinking about it and I have flashbacks. But now, thanks to technology the world is changing and we don't live in the same fish bowl any longer.

We're talking, of course, about Avo, the self-cleaning tropical fish tank.

Avo is packed full of technology and it has all of these creative features that make owning fish simple and easy. It has a self-maintaining filter system, automated heating, plant specific lighting and a modular planting system. Plus at almost 4 gallons it’s the perfect size to hold a Siamese fighting fish or a shoal of small fish. No filter cleaning no water changes. That means clean healthy fish. All you have to do is top off the water and feed your fish friends.

Live plants

It's pretty scientific how it works. Live plants are a big part of the process. Avo has a natural bacterial filter system that works with live plants to create a
a micro-ecosystem within the tank where the fish, plants and bacteria are working together to keep the water healthy.

Plants are the generator for this whole process. They remove the nitrates from the water and they keep algae from growing. They also oxygenate the water and create natural hiding places for the fish.

The bowl has 7 slots around the filter system where you plant the plants. All you will have to do is root the plants into the gravel outside of the tank and then drop them in.

Avo's lighting produces some wavelengths of light that our human eyes can't detect. To us they appear as three colors fading on and off automatically at different times of the day -- soft red light in the morning, daylight white in the day and cool blue in the evening.

But don't worry if you want total darkness when Avo is on. There's an override switch to turn the lights off until the next day.

Avo was created in the UK by a young entrepreneur named Susan Shelley, who developed her concept while studying at The Studio, Loughborough University’s graduate hub. She has raised money through crowd-funding.

On Susans Kickstarter page she states:

"After extensive research, speaking to many fish tank owners and experts I decided I'd design something that takes the stress out of keeping tropical fish and makes fish keeping simple, beautiful and above all enjoyable. After over three years of research and development, plus 18 months of testing I have designed Avo - a self-cleaning fish tank."

Online advance ordering has doubled the first production run to 2000, with delivery due in summer 2015.

You can pre order for $325. Learn more at http://noux.co.uk/avo/

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