PhotoWhile it may result in some unusual style choices, letting kids dress themselves is a great way to help foster independence and encourage their creativity.

But sometimes kids’ creativity would prefer not to be bound by what’s hanging in their closet. Artistically-inclined kids everywhere may be happy to learn of a new company called “Picture This” -- a company that lets kids transform their artwork into wearable dresses.

All parents need to do is choose a dress size and print out the template on the Picture This website. After kids have colored the templates, parents simply upload photos of it and a dress in its likeness will arrive in about two weeks.

Wearable creativity

Mom and entrepreneur Jaimee Newberry founded the company after a dress she had made from her daughter’s drawing turned out to be a huge hit, both with her daughter and her daughter’s friends and classmates.

In a Medium post, Newberry recounted her daughter’s delight in telling people, “I’m wearing my imagination!”

After "the positive response and requests from Zia’s friends and classmates to also ‘wear their imagination,’” Newberry brainstormed with her friends about how to "turn this concept into something where kids everywhere could have fun with hands-on drawing and coloring, and then see their imaginative artwork come to life in wearable fashion form."

Other options coming soon

Kids can also clothe their favorite sidekicks in their creations; doll-sized clothing (for an 11 or 18-inch doll) is also available.

And for kids who aren’t necessarily fond of dresses, more clothing options will be coming soon. The dresses were simply a jumping off point for the company, Newberry told Babble.

“We launched with just the dress for two reasons. First, we wanted to test the market and see if people would actually buy the product! And second, we wanted to make sure the finished piece of clothing that arrives in your mailbox is a great piece of clothing. So our launch was very focused on accomplishing those goals.”

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