New app lets you know when your internal battery needs charging

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WakeMode aims to fend off fatigue and help you get better sleep

Your smartphone is already equipped with the ability to let you know how much battery life it has left. Now, a new app called WakeMode can give it the ability to let you know how much battery you have left.

WakeMode, launching today, can evaluate your fatigue levels based on the quality and amount of sleep you got the night before. Beyond helping users keeping tabs on their “internal battery level,” WakeMode provides tips on how to boost your energy throughout the day and get better sleep at night.

Its sleep evaluation technology was developed by SleepRate, a medical tech sleep solution company. The company claims its sleep monitoring technology has an edge over other sleep trackers because it uses machine learning to create individualized sleep improvement plans.

Fatigue analysis

The app initially uses motion and heart rate to get a feel for your sleep patterns, then it gets to work creating a personalized sleep improvement program. Keeping the app in the loop regarding your sleeping habits and activities, such as when you napped or how much alcohol you drank, boosts the accuracy of its fatigue analysis.

Armed with an accurate sleep analysis and actionable fatigue-fighting tips, users can combat any obstacles standing in their way of getting a good night’s sleep.

“With SleepRate, we gave our users the opportunity to learn about and improve their sleep patterns, but we also wanted to give them a way to be more engaged and understand how better sleep could affect their lives,” said SleepRate CEO and founder, Dr. Anda Baharav.

“WakeMode enables users everywhere to actually see how their sleep habits affect their day and encourages them to commit to an actual lifestyle change in order to improve their sleep habits and alertness during the day.”

Energy updates

The app, which evaluates your fatigue levels on a number scale, aims to keep users perky throughout the day by pinpointing opportunities for fatigue regulation.

Certain times may call for a caffeinated beverage while others may require a nap. To combat a very low internal battery, the app may suggest heading to bed to replenish your battery. Customizable notifications indicate critical fatigue levels and optimal bedtimes.

WakeMode (available for Android or iOS) is also equipped with social sharing, so users can receive motivation from their friends and family.

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