PhotoA new study from Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut showed that a recently released app called Carmaforlife can be an effective tool in improving the survivability of a heart attack.

The app features educational content designed to help practitioners guide a code blue team through resuscitation. The idea behind Carmaforlife is to keep medical health professionals up to date on the Advanced Cardiac Life Support protocols set forth by the American Heart Association.

The new study found that Carmaforlife helped improve survival rates of a cardiac arrest by 21%, from 57% to 78%. Additionally, the number of patients who were able to go home after having a heart attack improved by 64%.

'Immediate results'

The founder of the company behind the app, ACLS Solutions, detailed the impressive results of the study at the Joseph A. Zacanino conference at Yale New Haven Health System recently.

“All of the resident physicians and critical care doctors and nurses have come to rely on this app and they know that in the most difficult and stressful situations they face it has made them better practitioners and they see the immediate results,” said Gloria Bindelglass, ACLS Solutions’ CEO and founder.

Carmaforlife (also known as the Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Mobile Application) aims to assist doctors in situations where precise timing is critical via a series of countdown timers. The different protocols for each different type of cardiac arrest are listed in detail and interact with the timers to direct practitioners.

Helps with timing

An audible metronome within the app and practice sessions with mock code simulations help practitioners pace their chest compressions perfectly.

As the code progresses, the app documents everything being done in real time. This feature not only saves doctors time by eliminating the need to record manually, it could improve the accuracy of the medical record and allow for a more detailed review of the performance by the team.

Finally, the app helps the team leader determine the possible cause of the heart attack, which could help expedite and improve patient recovery. ACLS Solutions suggested that the app could be used not only in the hospital, but in the prehospital setting by paramedics in the field or even by corpsman in the military.

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