PhotoAfter the results of the presidential election rolled in, you may have watched your social media feeds take on a drastically different tone. If you’re an empathetic person, absorbing an icier-than-usual social media climate may feel exhausting.

Witnessing stressful events can cause the brain to try to mimic the tone of what we’re seeing, explained Dr. Deb Sandella, a psychotherapist and author of “Goodbye Hurt and Pain.” In an interview with CNN, Sandella noted that some people may be feeling physically drained after taking in the recent election coverage.  

If you’re among those feeling drained in the wake of the election, Sandella says now might be a good time to unplug. “You need to stay tuned in to your own brain and body. It will tell you when you need to stand up, take a walk, or remove yourself entirely.”

But removing yourself isn’t always easy. For those who don’t possess an iron will, a self-imposed social media hiatus may end mere hours after it began. Now, one new product could help you stick to your goal of unplugging.

Signal-blocking container

If disconnecting from your smartphone is easier said than done, you may be interested in learning more about a container called Pause. Putting your phone in a Pause Box does more than just hide it from sight -- it effectively shuts down your device.

Like a Faraday Cage, the container blocks Wi-Fi signals by interfering with surrounding radio waves and transforming them into electric fields and heat. When your phone is inside the box, it won’t emit any vibrations or alerts because it won’t be receiving any signals.

You could just turn off your device and attempt to ignore the siren song of your smartphone, but that’s no easy feat for most people, said Pause’s co-founder, Yuval Lazi.

“If people can put their phones in a drawer or turn them off then we absolutely encourage them to do so,” Lazi told Digital Trends. “The sad truth is that most people never do.”

The boxes, which can each fit up to six smartphones, could make it easier for families to disconnect and spend more quality time together. “It’s a smart and simple solution for a big problem,” said Tamir Leon, an educational advisor. “It is the perfect tool to create a family habit and to remind us all to disconnect.”

The company hopes to raise $36,000 in the next month in an Indiegogo campaign. Pause boxes are currently being sold for $40.

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