PhotoA new study conducted by the finds nearly half of Americans in serious relationships butt heads with their partner over finances.

For 60% of couples, the biggest topic of financial contention was that either one person spends too much or one person is too frugal. The rest of participants surveyed had qualms pertaining to their partner’s dishonesty about spending or savings and how to divide the bills.  

Gripes about money-related issues often begin early in a relationship, starting with who takes care of the check on a date. In this arena, the study found a few gender and demographic differences.

Millennials like splitting the tab

The research revealed that women are more likely than men to let the other person pay for it (46% versus 2%) or to split the bill (37% versus 9%). Men are more likely to take care of the entire tab themselves (85% versus 8%).

Splitting the bill is more popular with Millennials than with any other group -- 33% of Millennials polled said they were check splitters, compared to just 17% of Gen Xers.

"It's nice to see that splitting the bill is popular with Millennials and hopefully catching on with older generations," said Sarah Berger, founder of "Dating can be expensive. A person shouldn't have to go into debt while looking for a significant other."

Dating spending differences

When it comes to dating, the survey of 1,000 adults found that certain age cohorts are stingier than others. In response to the question “how much is appropriate for adults to spend on a first date,” older Millennials (ages 27-36) and Gen Xers said $100.

Younger Millennials, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation said they were only willing to spend about half that amount. And demographic differences were also evident in engagement ring spending.

According to the poll, 41% of Millennials said someone should spend one month’s salary or less on an engagement ring. People who were married or living with a partner also didn’t subscribe to the old “3 Months’ Salary” rule for engagement rings -- 35% of those who were currently cohabiting said one month’s salary was an acceptable amount to spend.

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