PhotoArtists, writers, and list-makers can now have the ink in their beloved Moleskines transformed into a digital image. Moleskine has added to its collection of “digitally enhanced objects” with its new Smart Writing Set.

The set is made up of three objects: the Paper Tablet notebook, the smart Pen+, and a companion app. Using the three in conjunction allows users to digitize their work and share it with others via smartphone or tablet.

Pen stores data

The beating heart of the Smart Writing Set is the pen. Created by Neo Smartpen, the pen (called Pen+) features an infrared camera that records movements on paper. It then sends those movements to the writing set’s mobile app.

Users can choose to transmit the notes or sketches to the app in real-time, or they can store data (up to 1,000 pages) inside the pen for later transfer. A smart pen, indeed -- but just as impressive is its corresponding notebook.

Tablet records notes

Moleskine’s Smart notebook, called a “paper tablet,” includes special, textured paper and a grid. This enables the pen to record your work and turn it into an editable digital image. Italian industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti designed the paper tablet to include rounded edges, which gives it a look similar to a real tablet.

Inside the paper tablet, you’ll also find an envelope icon. When tapped, it can attach your note or sketch to a new email on your smartphone. Files can also be shared via text, PDF, image, and SVG. In addition to sharing files, users can highlight digitized text and organize notes by tag for easier searching.

The Smart Writing Set isn’t exactly cheap, however. The Paper Tablet and Pen+ cost $200 (the app is free). Supplementary paper tablets can be purchased for $30.

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