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Model year 2019-2020 Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 cab chassis recalled

The vehicle could suffer from inadequate warmup protection

Photo source: Ram
Chrysler is recalling 32,318 model year 2019-2020 Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 cab chassis built with a Cummins 6.7L High Output engine.

Inadequate warmup protection can cause a lack of oil film on the engine connecting rod bearings while the engine is reaching operating temperature. This can result in engine damage and connecting rod failure, which could potentially puncture the engine block.

A damaged engine block may leak oil, which can contact hot engine or exhaust components, increasing the risk of a fire.

What to do

Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will flash the engine calibration software to enhance the engine warm up protection free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin October 16, 2020.

Owners may contact Chrysler customer service at (800) 853-1403. Chrysler's number for this recall is W57.

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