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Model year 2018 Toyota Siennas recalled

The 10-spoke alloy wheels may crack after an impact

Photo source: Toyota
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 55 model year 2018 Toyota Siennas built with a specific lot of 10-spoke alloy wheels from one production facility.

These wheels may not have been cooled properly during manufacturing and may crack in the spokes from an impact while the vehicle is being driven.

If the wheels crack at the spokes, the wheel may separate from the hub assembly causing a loss of vehicle control and increasing the risk of a crash.

What to do

Toyota began notifying owners initially by phone on February 26, 2018 and will mail letters to any unnotified owner starting on April 20, 2018.

Dealers will inspect the wheels and replace them if necessary depending on their production location, free of charge.

Owners may contact Toyota customer service at 1-888-270-9371. Toyota's number for this recall is J0J.

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