PhotoUsually, when we read about a new advertising campaign aimed at selling things to “women” or “girls” (as opposed to ordinary, gender-neutral “customers”), the results are downright wince-inducing because the marketing industry still appears dominated by people who think “Color it pink, raise the price and the ladies’ll all rush to buy it.”

But, thankfully, it looks like the people at Doe-Anderson know better than that. Doe-Anderson is the ad agency behind a new campaign for Mercy Academy, a girls’ Catholic high school in Louisville, Kentucky.

Rebecca Cullers, writing for AdWeek’s AdFreak blog, first called attention to Mercy’s new “You’re not a princess” campaign, aimed at counteracting the Disney-princess-fairytale mentality that suffuses so much modern “young-girl” American culture.

The campaign features such slogans as “Life’s not a fairytale. Prepare for real life,” “You’re not a princess” and “Don’t wait for a prince. Be able to rescue yourself,” always coupled with the tagline “Prepare for real life,” and the ads even use a color scheme closer to blue than the ubiquitous pink.   

As consumer journalists, we’re not usually in the habit of praising advertising agencies, but Doe-Anderson and Mercy Academy deserve kudos; this campaign hit the ball right out of the park.

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