Meet the doll designed to help babies fall asleep

Photo via Indiegogo

The Lulla doll mimics the feeling of being close to a parent

Sleep deprived parents are shelling out big bucks for the Lulla doll -- a doll created by Icelandic researchers to help little ones fall asleep.

What’s in it for parents who purchase the plush, gender neutral doll? An opportunity to slip away, for one. Additionally, perhaps a child that will sleep for longer periods at a time.

Inside the doll, there is a playback monitor that plays a heartbeat and breathing noises: two sounds that have been proven to provide comfort and help lull babies to sleep.

Engages the senses  

Designed to be a sleeping companion for babies and toddlers, Lulla engages all five of a baby’s senses to provide an all-encompassing feeling of security.

In addition to emitting the soothing sounds of a parent at rest, Lulla engages a baby’s sense of touch, smell, and sight. Its soft outer layer is pleasing to a baby's sense of touch, and it's fabric may be even more comforting. 

Parents can get their unique, familiar scent all over the doll simply by keeping it close prior to giving it to their baby. Lulla’s smell-absorbing fabric soaks in a parent’s smell, making it an even more calming napping partner.

Benefits of closeness

The psychologist behind the creation of Lulla says the toy may have an edge over other sleep related toys, which typically mimic the sounds a baby hears in the womb.

Unlike toys that offer up white noise, the Lulla doll helps imitate the feeling of being physically close to a parent or caretaker. Its real life sounds play for eight hours instead of simply turning off once a baby has fallen asleep.

Demand for the toy has been exceptionally high; the company continues to sell out. Normally it retails for $70, but the Lulla doll is currently going for around $300 on ebay.

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