PhotoEarlier this year, we reported that McDonald’s had begun winning back customers. Its global sales were rising, and new initiatives like using fresh ground beef in burgers and offering all-day breakfast had consumers buzzing.

Now, the chain hopes to capitalize on yet another idea. The company has announced that it will be testing breakfast Happy Meals during morning hours at some locations in the Tulsa area. The kid-friendly option is reported to come in a few different options. Customers have the choice between a new egg and cheese McMuffin or two McGriddle cakes (not the full sandwiches).

Consumers can also choose from a couple of healthy side options like apple slices or yogurt, or they can elect to get hash browns. A McDonald’s spokesperson was reported as saying that the new breakfast option would be the first change to Happy Meals in over 30 years.

“All day breakfast has really been a big hit with our customers, and that started from our customers telling us this is what they wanted. Since the launch of all day breakfast, more of our customers have been reaching out to us and asking us for these choices for their kids in Happy Meals,” said Pam Williams, director of innovation at McDonald’s USA.

If the tests in Tulsa turn out well, consumers around the country can expect breakfast Happy Meals as early as next year. 

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