March's Shopping Cart Index fell slightly from February


But prices of bacon and cookies were up sharply

For once, the story isn't about grocery items that have gone up the most but those that have come down in price.

The March ConsumerAffairs Datasembly Shopping Cart Index declined slightly from February but is up 3.6% over March 2023. The Index is composed of 25 commonly purchased grocery items. Datasembly tracks their price movements in real-time.

The March Shopping Cart checks out at a price of $160.99. That compares to $161.19, the cost of February's Shopping Cart.

Prices of white rice and peanut butter, which were up sharply in February, declined significantly last month. Also, butter and coffee prices were lower by at least 20 cents.

Many other items rose or fell by two or three cents and several items showed stable prices.

The price of cookies was sharply higher, hit by the high costs of sugar and cocoa. Bacon prices were 7% higher and the price of paper towels rose by 2%.

The FebruaryShopping Cart Index


Mar. 2023

Feb. 2024Mar.  2024
Penne Pasta 16 oz.$1.98$1.92$1.93
Select-a-size paper towels$23.99$21.49$23.99
White Albacore tuna in water 5oz.$2.25$2.26$2.26
Chicken noodle soup 10.75 oz.$1.40$1.81$1.43
Cola 2-liter bottle$2.96$2.89$2.89
Whole milk half-gallon$2.73$2.73$2.73
Whole bean coffee 12 oz.$13.74$12.46$12.01
Organic eggs one dozen$6.05$5.45$5.45
Waffles 10 ct. 12.3 oz.$3.19$3.24$3.27
Frosted donuts 8 ct.$5.30$6.37$5.36
Tomato ketchup 20 oz.$3.86$3.79$3.78
Mayonnaise 30 oz.$5.82$6.30$6.33
Honey Nut cereal 18.8 oz.$5.37$5.55$5.57
American cheese single 24 ct.$5.54$5.48$5.49
Salted butter 1 lb.$5.81$5.94$5.73
Classic potato chips 8 oz. bag$4.12$3.90$3.93
Honey wheat bread 20 oz.$3.49$3.79$3.79
Cookies 14.3 oz.$4.01$7.93$9.92
Bacon 16 oz.$7.14$7.57$8.12
Liquid dish detergent 46 oz.$5.57$5.59$5.59
Spring water 16.9 oz. 32 ct.$7.52$7.67$7.67
1000 sheet toilet paper 12 ct.$12.23$12.27$12.26
Peanut butter 16.3 oz.$2.97$5.35$3.31
White rice 32 oz.$5.16$6.10$5.19
Laundry detergent 96 oz.$13.09$13.09


Cart Totals$155.29$161.19


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