PhotoRide-sharing companies have been striving to extend their networks and partner with companies that can provide mutual benefits. Partnering with airlines has proved to be a viable strategy, as both Uber and Lyft have made past deals with American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, respectively.

Now, Lyft is adding a new airline company to its list. The ride-sharing company recently worked out a partnership with JetBlue that will allow users to earn frequent flier miles by taking a Lyft to or from an airport.

“Link your TrueBlue and Lyft accounts, then earn 30 TrueBlue points for every airport ride you take. New to Lyft? Get 750 TrueBlue points or $15 off just for signing up and taking your first Lyft Classic, Plus or Premier ride anywhere they go,” an announcement outlining the deal says.

New kind of deal

Although users of Lyft can earn 30 points for every ride they get to or from the airport, there is a 1,200-point annual cap on the amount of points that can be earned; that comes out to around $30 to $40 towards a flight.

The partnership is the first by Lyft that promotes continuous loyalty travel. In past deals, the ride-sharing company only made temporary offers or deals for first-time users. It’s a change that executives say adhere to the company’s philosophy.

“Travel is a top use case for Lyft, and it continues to grow,” said Oliver Hsiang, Lyft’s Vice President for Partnerships, in a statement to Mashable.

For more information on the partnership and how to take advantage of it, visit JetBlue’s page here.

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