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Don't let size fool you -- a chihuahua has an appetite for destruction similar to a sumo wrestler in training. According to a new study done by the financial comparison site, over its lifetime the little dog that you can dress up, can down over $1,100 worth of non-dog food items.

They can dig up flower beds, carpets, chew a sofa and ruin your favorite designer shoes.

A mighty dog doesn't have to weigh 90 plus pounds to be known as Ivan the Terrible. The wiener dog or Dachshund comes in a swift second to the chihuahua.

The study, taken from a sample of 2,000 dog owners, found that the Dalmatian, Bulldog, Great Dane, Husky, Beagle, Pointer and German Shepard round out the top 10 most destructive dogs.

Bigger may be better

Bigger might just be better in this case as Staffordshire Bull Terriers which are sometimes seen as fierce may be the most cost-efficient in terms of damage control. Their lifetime destruction bills average about $241. They were followed by West Highland Terriers at a mere $247. Third place went to Yorkies followed by Spaniels and coming from behind those skinny little whippets.

You might be surprised to learn that the Rottweiler's bite doesn't translate to destructive bills and neither does the disorganized and life-of-the-party Sheepdog. Both of these breeds fall in to the lower end of the damage control scale.

Here is where the real destruction comes. Pet owners become less affectionate when those big bills arrive either from destroying their own property or a neighbors. One in five admit to having regretted getting a pet and one in ten consider giving them away. This is how pets become homeless and eventually euthanized in a shelter or, worse, just left to roam on a street.

When deciding on a pet it's important to realize they come with all kinds of costs just like children. When you have a baby you never think some day they may want tennis shoes that cost $150. When you get a pet you never think as a puppy they may eat those $150 tennis shoes you just bought for your kid!

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